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alwaysfalling (profile) wrote,
on 8-6-2004 at 5:10pm
Current mood: tired
Music: rooney - popstars
Subject: these are the words of the popstars.

i swear, i can't say it enough but i just can't do the whole kid thing. they just drive me crazy. my parents keep telling me that it is different when they are your own kids, which i totally understand, but i don't know, i'm weird. so i've been watching my little cousin, emily, a five year old. she talks back to me and does that whole, "you're not my boss" thing and then i get angry with her and tell her to not say it again and she says something like, "i don't even want to be next to you" and then she ends up hurting my feelings. just can't do it. only two more days of watching her though. thank goodness.

got my decal and locker today. saw no one. excited for school? no. i'm excited about kailannie's party tomorrow night, i'll see a lot of people i have missed over these past couple of months, plus tina lent me clothing so that i will look ready for the club.

my brother came back this week from his job in new york and seemed like he has a changed a little. he came home the first day and was like, "you want to go shopping?" then yesterday we were sitting around and he was playing a cd that had konstantine on it. i was just like, "woah... who are you?" he still parties though and whatever, but hey, he's going to uf in a week or so.

i'm done. enjoy your last summer weekend!

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