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lifesuxsodanz (profile) wrote,
on 8-7-2004 at 12:14am
Subject: Interesting day...
most importantly I got my license today woohoo! It's really not all that exciting anymore it's just like...finally. My dad's FREAKING out over his insurance rates just having me drive his car when hes not using it so....i won't be having my own for a while I daresay. so...bah oh well.

Anywhoo today was a pretty good day practice went well. I left an hour early to go take my test and came back for the pool party thing at Shersty's house that we have at the end of summer practices every year. It's a bonding thing it went pretty well. Some highlights would be me falling off the pool deck and smacking my head into the wooden fence. I kinda stopped laughing when someone told me my head was bleeding but...I still don't feel anything lol I seriously think I had a minor concussion or something because I was delerious for a long time after. lol we harassed the new girls with water balloons and gave out our awards brittney got in a fight with rashunda and then spread chocolate mud stuff ALL over nicki. Yeah so funny stuff good clean fun w/e.

ummm what else what else....ok I foudn this quite amusing TWO people had dreams about me last night. That is just....idk creepy what are the odds of that. Liz comes up to me this morning and is all like I had this dream last night that you were being really slutty and everyone was like haha are you sure that wasn't just real life (yeah fuck you) lol and she's like no a bunch of us were at disney and I was all over some guys or something idk. I told liz to stop having dreams about me because it disturbed me. haha then later today ashley pasion calls me and tells me about some dream she had all about me but hers was really fricken amusing....

So like she's sleeping in the middle of the night and is woken up by a phone call from Ms. DiCillo's 9 yr old son Logan who asks for Phatass Pasion (haha) and she goes yes thats me. And then he asked her if she had a friend named Jessica Brandi because she was dead. So she starts crying on the phone because who wants me dead lol and then she calls danielle and they start having a big cryfest together. Then they go to my parents house to offer their condolences and my parents tell them that they can't handle it and ask them to throw my funeral for me. So it starts out an everyday boring funeral and everyone is standing around talking about how I was such a bitch but they somehow loved me anyway. And then all of a sudden they were like this is so boring this isn't jessica let's do it right. So they bring out all these speakers and turn on gangsta's paradise and everyones like rapping and shit and ashley and danielle are all like wtf and my parents come walking in and yell you guy's just got punked and they open up the coffin and it's empty and I come walking out laughing at them. idk I found it amusing.

yeah sooo after we left britts house lauren and I went to my house and then michelle came over and we went to blockbuster to rent some movies and order pizza and stuff and just sat around on my couch watching monty python. Jesuschrist monty python and the holy grail is the funniest fucking movie ever. Mexcan whoomping llamas and roger the SHRUBBER....can't get enough it all fit the mood I was in. We also rented some other weird british movie called 9 gay guys which is apparantly about guys that are NOT gay? idk sounds strange but we're watching that tomorrow. This is michelle's last weekend in town so we're making the most of it.

I have utopia practice at the studio saturday and sunday morning and then they are comming over 2morrow after it and then I am going to see my family (grrrr) afterwards on sunday then we have an officer meeting in fucking boca on monday AHHHHH. THEN I have hair/nail appts on tuesday and my bio isn't even half done. I really have to stop fucking around.

yuuuppp so that was my day more later.


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