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spoiled-kisses (profile) wrote,
on 8-7-2004 at 1:23pm
Current mood: perfect
Music: ..s0uthsiide -->> aShanti..
Subject: . ii l0ve y0u .
w0w, i have the greatest b0yfriendD ever. he makesz me feel lyke the luckiest gurl in the w0rldD. he can make me smile wit juss his eyesz. he's amaziing. we never g0 wit 0ne sec0nd 0f silence .. we alwayysz have sumthiing t0 talk ab0ut. we have s0o much funn t0gether t00. lyke we laugh ab0ut everyythiing nd fiightsz juss dun last wen it c0mesz t0 uss. he is 0ne 0f my best friendsz nd he is s0o riight f0r me. i seri0uslyy l0ve hiim. i l0ve hiim a l0t. i dunn0 where the fuck i'd be wit0ut hiim riight n0w .. pr0lly riight back wit edDy. but h0nestlyy, he is the best. lyke last niight, it was s0o incrediblyy stupidD but the greatest feeliing in the w0rldD .. we hadda tickle fiight. nd w0w, we c0uldnt st0p smiling last niight. lyke he's everyythin i ever wantedD nd i cant believe i alm0st saidD n0 wen he askedD me 0ut. i dunn0, i juss feel lyke sumtiimesz i dun deserve hiim. he l0vesz me s0o much nd i l0ve hiim juss as much but he's such a g00dD pers0n nd i'm n0t. i dunn0 but anyy gurl w0uldD be s0o happyy t0 be wit hiim. he treatsz me lyke i'm his wh0le w0rldD nd he c0uldD giive a shyt b0ut nethiing else. i feel s0o l0vedD. i can be myself ar0und nd i dun 0nce thiink b0ut wut he's guna thiink cuz he actsz a f00l juss as i d0 .. l0l. this is great. i dun ever want this feeling t0 leave. i l0ve hiim.

<33 SiSi

-->> he was w0rth waiting f0r nd gettin hurt s0o manyy timesz. he's the shyt. xoxo
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