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melikepeas (profile) wrote,
on 8-7-2004 at 9:15pm
Current mood: exhausted
Music: just the tv
Subject: back from holiday
Well Im back from france. It was blodey marvelous. Im really glad I ended up going. the first place we stayed was really nice, family place, lots of cute babies. One of them picked up a habbit of eating the pebbles outside of out caravan. Started getting qite broody actualy, proberbly good we left after 2 weeks. Lovely neighbours, all french but they were so heart warmingly lovely, we'd all be sat outside eating breakfast and dinner at about the same time joining in each others conversations, it was so great. Id forgoten how cool family type holidays were actualy.
French boys are anoying though, they seem to think 'no. go away' means 'come and hit on me some more'. Give me my nice english Damian anyday. Actualy ive decided that english people in general are actualy kinda shit when you compare them to the folk over on t'continent. but never mind that.
Beaches were great too *sigh* miss them actualy. Maybe ill start going for trips to seaton more. its not that bad ... is it?
Paris was just amazing. I love the archetecture. Its really grand and majestic. Very good. It was blodey hot though. The champs alysee was the best bit, much life and shopping and busyness. People watching = very good hobby. Even the metro was glam, statues in the stations *nods*
Disney land. Oh. my. lord. I regressed about 8 years of age. i think everyone did. it was so funny the dads would be running to the rides as fast as their sons. i love that. its nice for everyone to feel like a kid some times.
Damian said he'd never go with me but ill show him. Wait till i pop a sprog, we have to take that to disney land, its like the law. esp for only 20 quid a ticket, is it just me or is that good for a theme park of its size?
Ahh! scarey black men, the only people who hit on me!! they all seem'd to want to do me. NOOOO!!! maybe its cause ive got a big arse, black men like that dont they?
ahw but im back home now and i like home just as much. Esp yesterday because my damian came to see me ^_^ *is smiling like a complete nonse now*
Oh my good lord. Damian is looking DAMN good. I dont know why but he walked in yesterday and i was like .... *drool*'gasm*drool*. maybe its cause i havnt seen him in a while. hes at work now. i really wana talk to him =( (and have snuggles).
Maybe ill go text him. again. maybe itll annoy him though. eep. oh well ill text him just this once and then ill leave it so i dont annoy him too much.
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