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lovethehibiscus (profile) wrote,
on 8-7-2004 at 6:06pm
Current mood: :D HAPPY
Music: take me out - franz ferdinand
Subject: i still feel like the boat is rocking
i am home.
home feels great.
school starts monday.
i am not gonna fret at all.
the cruise was awesome
totally and wonderfully awesome
i cant wait to go on another one

grand cayman:
had beautiful clear turquise water
except it reminded me of fort myers beach
well apart from the grand caymanians if thats what there called
and the cars with the drivers seat on the right side of the car
i was really wanting to drive one of their cars

cozumel, mexico:
mexico rocked!
water was b-e-a-utiful
kinda like stripes of amazing clear shades of blue
drinkin age was 18
but if you had a parent go up to order one with you, you could get one
i didnt drink though
toooooo hungry
and i am over the drinkin stage anyway
terri rented an excursion
for the 8 seats and a.c.
jr, terri, carroll, sue, diandra and i rode in it
went to this one stunningly beautiful beach
then went to go eat
david (with rosemary, adam, stephanie, rachael, and ryan) stopped the jeep they rented when a big ('whoa! thats a big'ern!') bright green lizard ran across the beach
ryan got out and tryed to catch it
fat chance
went to outdoor resturaunt
got the spanish for hot and shut up mixed up and the waiter asked excuse me after it happened
rode in the jeep on the way back
loved it
i loved the having no windows concept
cause i am such the ride with the windows down kinda gal
smelled some mexican weed on the way back
shopped some
found a bottle of alcohol called mr.scorpion with a scorpion on the bottom
got back on the boat
into swishy skirt
mistake when its windy out
got off boat again with adam, stephanie, kyle, diandra, and i
met eal, matt, killian, and frank at fat tuesdays
went shopping
stephanie was hagglin with some mexican seller over this chess board
it was funny
when i was in there one of the guys who worked there called me a movie star and said i was a 'very gorgeous lady'hahaha
they had a place that was called drugs and deli that made me chuckle
went back to boat so we wouldnt miss it
had to hold my skirt so i wouldnt flash mexico
took awesome picture with stephanie and diandra..we bought it
goodbye mexico!

it was so much fun

many good lookin boys

hahah diandra and i named some
here we go:
breakfast, mr. surfboard, hat boy, surfboard, elevator boy, big arms boy and others that i cant remember

i had a stalked
his name was dave
and he was 16
we called him stalker dave
he walked by us like 10 times a day
one night when i was in bed cause i wasnt feelin good diandra told me he kept walkin by lookin for me

they had a party on the deck
it was so so so so much fun
i love dancin
i was bein sucha drill sargent dancin mama
more than half of the 20 or so people we went with got up and danced
that made me happy
we did the twist, the electric slide, the casper slide, the ymca, the conga line around the boat and a few others
eal was so plastered
his dancing method was jumping around and waving his arms in the air
he fell on the deck...HARD
but then jumped up and was like 'i'm okay!!' we played this game
and you held hands with someone and we were all in this big circle and a hula hoop would go around and you had to go throught the hula hoop without undoing hands and if the music went off and you were still in the hoop then you were out
i look over in the first 5 mins and eal was in the middle of the circle with the hula hoop around his ankle
the lady who was runnin the game and worked on the ship
said into the microphone to eal with her cool english keira knightly accent 'sir, you are completely trashed.' then she made him go in the middle
then later eal picked me up and i screamed and the security lady came over and called him a 'naughty boy' it was so so much fun

i loved it so much.

i cant wait til the next one.

what a wonderful vacation.

i could go for that 24 hour selfserve ice cream right about now...

andie andie oxenfree***

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