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jessieslifeadayatatime (profile) wrote,
on 8-7-2004 at 8:49pm
so like thursday i caught the vo to the transfer plaza and like met up w/ ivy and carly there and we came to my house, and we chilled w/ chelsea. and like yea. did crazy stuff. u no... the norm. and like then we walked to the park and to the city center and shit like that. and then ivy left and carly slept over and we woke up and chelsea came over and we made potatos and ham burgers and elise came over and we ate all the brownies and then i went to bealls and bought hott undies and then i went to sally's and bought hair dye and then i went to albertson's and got make-up. :-) yea it was cool. and today i went to blake's. and we partayed like animals. not really. we just layed around. it was coolio. later. <3 jes jes

and OMG i almost forgot, i just ordered chinese food. werd.
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