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playachika (profile) wrote,
on 8-8-2004 at 12:09am
Current mood: excited
Music: space
I love the new layout of my journal. i must say so myself! but anyway.
Im home!! Pittsburgh was such a great time!
I have 2nd period with Brad and i think Lenny. I got 1st with Lenny. and i got 3rd with Michael, 5th with Michael, 7th with Michael and Tiffany, thats all i know abotu so far. i dont got anythign with Ashiee. oh well.. we dont even pass eachother int he hallway. lol its so ghetto. Mindy is sleepin. Shes so adorable. I never realized how much ofa baby she is :] shes my lil girl!
8 is picking me up after school tomorrow. We are going to have a good time. Him and i might hang out.. But so might me and michael.. and reid wants to see me before school starts also. But 8 and i have had plans for this weekend, so ill go with him! He definatly got me hooked. There's something abotu him, i just cant put my finger on, that makes me just want more. its so weird. I just want to see him more and more!
But anyway
Im busy working on my AP shit this morning. I am defiantly porcrastinating on this project. Mindy is lookinga t me funny. hahaha silly pup!
K----- i think i should finish. Ill update later!
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