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boricuababy (profile) wrote,
on 8-8-2004 at 8:39pm
Current mood: ecstatic
Music: My Place-Nelly
Subject: my party really DID turn out to be "off tha chain"
ayyy..i had such a great time at the party last soo0o0o happy all you guys were able to meant alot to me that you guys celebrated my special day with meEe..:D..i hope u guys had as much fun as i did..thank you all for my gifts to0..they were waiting on all the pictures that were taken..the picz from the digi cam came out really cute tho..but my dad took 4 rolls of i wanna see those..wowww..i had soo much fun..i cant get over partied hard..the DJ played all my music..he did good..gotta give him props..he played baby got was mom got kinda crazy..but thatz how she always is..meli and eric were soo cute dad was a little on the tipsy side.,but he did good..he didnt embarrass me too much..except when he cut in on me and emir's dance..did any body catch that?? mommy thinks your a really nice told me to tell u that..sammi im so happy u party took a lil while to get pumped up..but after me meli and ricarda started dancing and then junito and shawn got there it started poppin off..briana-my cousin likes's a player yea i had soo much n meli got to dance to our song..Obsession..then we all made a big circle..and danced to all these sean paul tried doin all the dances from the videos..haha..that was greatt..we did really good cousins were actin a fool..they're really koo tho..WE DID THE CHA-CHA SLIDEEEE...that was hott..then the electric the macarena..carlos got down to that feet were killinggg me way before the night was i took off my did every1 when i danced salsa with junito..he wanted to i sed ok..then he frickin killed my we had alotta fun..i didnt get to have my own cake..:(..that was the only i think there's i needa look for else??..i read the picture everyone sgined last guys all wrote really nice things..i appreciate it..i was supposed to give everyone a picture..but with all the running around i forgot..i will definately give them to you guys at school..thanks again for coming i hope you had as much fun as i did!! you guys!!..x0x0
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