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maybenot (profile) wrote,
on 8-9-2004 at 1:56am
omg the other day my head hurt like a butt! At srm i nearly died my head was like 105.6 or somthing, but i kinda refused to go home. i wanted to stay wit my freinds and my boi friend carmichael, o yah me and carmichael have been going out for about 1 month and 15 days!!!!! Im so proud of my self, i can never keep a relation ship that long. But i really thought i was going to die at srm the other day, i am not sure and when me and carmichael were sitting on the wall fence thing and i kept on looking in the coner of my eye and i think kaya was looking at us or me or carmichael or the fence was really interesting to him, but eather he was thinking get a room, whats wrong with paulina, she sucks ass y did i go out wit that whore, i don't know, but im not thrilled wit him, i really wantd to stay friends wit him, but owell his loss he's not worth crying over anymore. Nadia is such a good freind to me, im not sure how she feels about carmichael and i don't know what carmichael feels about her but owell. Every time i go to srm on wesnday it's like me and carmichaels thing to make out, i kinda think when were making out, if i am just a replace ment.... O well i'll think about that later. lateres
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