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-allister- (profile) wrote,
on 8-10-2004 at 11:34am
Subject: my test lets see if this works
The Early Years...
So...what day of the week were you born?:monday
What time?:2:40
What number child are your family, anyway:3rd
Is that okay with you?:fine
Are you adopted?:no
Are you a twin?:no
Do twins run in your family?:yes
Do you get along with your family?:sometimes
Do you remember anything from before you were three?:sure i guess
What kind of baby were you? (did you cry a lot or not or like people?):did not cry alot and loved being around people but was shy.
Some people think the way you were born affects your personality. Do you?:nope
How were you born? (Such as a lot of people there, being premature or late):i was born 2 weeks late
Random things I think to ask you about.
How many times have you been in a hospital for you?:i dont know not alot maybe 3 times
Are you afraid of doctors?:no
How about needles?:yes
Do you mind going to the dentist?:i hate the dentist.
Have you ever had braces?:no
Have you ever had surgery?:no
Have you ever done drugs?:no
Did you like the movie Biodome?:never heard of it.
What are your view on smoking?:it is nasty.
Do you like fishing?:not really
Can you swim?:yes
Do you like to read?:only if it is a good book.
What is your favorite adhesive?:ad what?
Do you have any musical ability?:i can sing.
How about artistic?:i can draw not to good but it is ok.
Which would you rather have more of?:chocolate
Can you sew?:yes
Would you live if you were alone on an island with goats for ten years?:yes i have a hunting licence.
How about sheep?:yes
Are you allergic to anything?:not
Do you like milk?:yeah but only 2%
Would you rather write with a pen pencil crayon or marker?:pencil
Do you like coloring?:yes
Do you doodle?:not really, no.
Do you think you're a good planner?:not really, no
Do you think you're a good leader?:not really , no
...a good people person?:sure
Did you ever paint your nails with white out?:hey thats a good idea!
...with sharpies?:yes
Would you rather read or write?:write
Do you use a mousepad?:yes
Do you like bright or pastel colors better?:no
Do you like hats?:he he*giggles* yeah
Do you think you look good in hats?:sure
Do you have any piercings?:yes
Do you think you have a lot of friends?:not really, but the ones i got are the best.
Do you have farmer's tan?:io did from my watch.
Paper or plastic?:plastic
Night or day?:night
What's your favorite type of music?:rock
Are you afraid or roller coasters?:no, no and no love roller coasters.
Do quizzes?:some times
Do you have a crush on anyone?:umm i probally do.
I wont pry...unless you want to say who it is...:i dont know right now.
How many people have you gone out with?:i really have to count i think it is 8.
In terms of far have you gone?:umm base 1. never been to base 3 nor do i want to for a long time.
Are you straight, gay, bi, or a transvestite?:straight but you asked that before
Am I running out of questions to ask?:yes
Do you mind being photographed?:i already answered this beofre
Do you mind speaking in public?:" " " " "
How about performing in public? (singing, sports, instruments...):" " " " "
Do you like your hands?:" " " " "
Are you listening to anything?:" " " " "
Who was the last person you spoke with?:" " " " "
Other than computer related items, what was the last think you touched?:" " " " "
What is your favorite game?:" " " " "
Do you keep bags for no reason?: " " " " "
Can you picture where you'll be in ten years?:the answers are all above so why did you ask again?
Is that a good or bad thing?:" " " " "
Are you happy?:" " " " "

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