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angry_mob (profile) wrote,
on 1-23-2003 at 6:56pm
Current mood: cranky
Music: toby keith- courtisy of the red, white and blue
Subject: yeah, i'm listining to flaming music, so's a good song!
hahwa haw i was reading old conversations and i came across this one between me and miss torre. it took place after band camp 2001. haw haw haw. :) you'll get a kick out of it. hehe...

Marisalea9: Mr. Degroots band is coming up, so you would get to see him too
volleyballchix8: that would be soooooooooo swell!!!!
volleyballchix8: oh my... pretty eyes is in his band!!!!!!!
volleyballchix8: aaaahhhhh!!!!!
Marisalea9: ooo who is that?
volleyballchix8: Ryan!
volleyballchix8: we got to be good friends
volleyballchix8: :-D
Marisalea9: ooooooooooooooooooooo
volleyballchix8: ooooo is right!
volleyballchix8: haha
Marisalea9: lol
volleyballchix8: me and sarah made up a becky dance!
volleyballchix8: it's really funny!
Marisalea9: oh no
Marisalea9: what do you do in it
volleyballchix8: what???
Marisalea9: what do you do in the becky dance
volleyballchix8: we made it up today... at my house... b/c we are neighbors
volleyballchix8: oh..
volleyballchix8: we made fun of the way she walked... talked.. danced.. at the dance!
volleyballchix8: it's great laughter!
Marisalea9: you silly girls!
volleyballchix8: hehe

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