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sammibaby (profile) wrote,
on 8-10-2004 at 7:40pm
Current mood: satisfied
Music: move ya body
Subject: who makes an awesome team??
answer: me and kaila!!

mhm. yup. that's right. we got all the bio work done. even with our ADD distractions. lol. i don't think i would have gotten it done so fast if it weren't for her. muchas gracias chiquita. much love. but of course we managed to do other stuff while i was there. --> i saw all her pretty new stuff from her bday and her shopping spree. and the usual girl talk. looked at pictures from the party. they came out really cute.

now i gotta go to my aunt's house to print out this crap. my printer died. then i'll get the spark notes for the book. yuh- completely forgot about those. thank god kaila reminded me. :).

peace out homies! xoxo.

PS: kaila did my background. do ya like?? i do!! wuv you girlie!!
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