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sammibaby (profile) wrote,
on 8-10-2004 at 9:42pm
Current mood: pissed
Music: fuck you
Subject: the last night of summer...
you would think i spent it relaxing or finishing up some last minute things. heh- guess again. i just spent the night fighting with my mom. damn those mood swings. she just randomly went crazy. and now i got my sister on my back. you wanna know the funny part? i'll tell you- the whole thing is my fault! pardon my french, but how the fuck do you get off telling me that your random rant is my fault?or that because i cant perfectly work to your schedule is my fault? and then when i finally get pissed- i have no fucking right to be? nah uh. i dont think so. like im supposed to be controlled when my head is about to pop off with anger. i just love how nothing was their fault and i should be the one who goes to them and tries to work things out. whatever. not this time. it'll just have to blow over, because i am not apologizing for not doing anything.

whew. had to vent. laterr.
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