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spoiled-kisses (profile) wrote,
on 8-11-2004 at 11:12am
Current mood: crushed
Music: ..aLL faLLsz d0wn -->> kaNye..
Subject: . WUT THE FUCK? .
i swear everyythiing fuckiin happensz t0 me?! wen everyythiing seemsz t0 be g0iin great nd everyythiing isz alm0st perfect .. the w0rst happensz. s0o if y0u d0nt kn0 .. i have put alm0st everyy cent 0f all my paychecksz t0wardsz fixiin upp my car nd i was s0o happyy a week ag0 wen i g0t it back wit it's new paiint j0b nd then t0niight .. the wh0le new fr0nt endD getsz T0TALLED. i feel lyke i've benn wastiin my m0neyy nd w0rkiin f0r free. my lyfe sucksz s0o badD. nd t0 make it w0rse n0t 0nlyy d0 i get bytchedD at by my parentsz but by miKe t00 cuz he was madD cuz he thiinksz 0ne 0f these dayysz imma get seri0uslyy hurt. i feel lyke i'm beiin punishedD f0r sumthiing nd i dunn0 wut it isz. lyfe sucksz s0o badD riight n0w nd i dun wanna be here .. i hate it. it's g0nna c0st 0ver $2ooo nd guess h0w much 0f that m0ney i have .. maybe a little 0ver $1oo. s0o in 0ther w0rdsz .. i have n0 car until i can c0me upp wit 2 grandD. hmm .. thats juss great!! fuck it .. fuck it.

<33 SiSi
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