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sammibaby (profile) wrote,
on 8-11-2004 at 4:18pm
Current mood: content
Music: fallen
Subject: first day of school and we're officially JUNIORS!!
i wake up like usual. do the whole routine and go out to wait for the bus. yadda finally gets there, so we all get on. i notice that amy isnt on, so i called her up and asked where she was. she says shes about to go onto 3rd street. i ask her why she isnt on the bus..she says she is. i say no your not, im on the bus. me and kaila figured that the bus route got split. we picked up a few more stops and amara calls and is on amys bus. THEN, we reach one stop and the bus driver tells the people there that ONLY south tech kids are supposed to be on this bus. well, i assumed she was stupid and said no, atlantic rides this bus too. anyhoo, we finally find out that we were on the wrong bus!! lmao. eventually we made it to another atlantic stop..where we got stranded. lol. we arrived a school late. got in trouble for dress code. saw mr. morone. had to run to class. and then i was finally able to sit and go back to routine. my classes are great. i have lots of people in all of them. i was happy lol. then i took the right bus home- had the usual funny convos. and now i gotta bounce. ttyl. xoxo.
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