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hiphulagirl (profile) wrote,
on 8-11-2004 at 5:47pm
been a while eh? well i've been away in atlanta for a couple weeks, and I made the WISE decision not to bring my computer. The consequence? I drive an hour and a frigging half to the gwinnett library to use their computers while visiting my parents. It's better I not be distracted from these classes anyway. I'm going to spain again. sept 10. it was a surprise to me. I didnt exactly volunteer for this one, nor was I too psyched when they told me i had to go. I really wanted to get things right with Sheldon. I don't really think he wants to, and the whole thing has my stomach tied up in knots. I havent felt this nervous and sick for at least 7 months. I really should find something to distract me from it, boys, love... altogether. throw myself into working out, or programming, or something... anything. It doesn't help that I keep getting phone calls from boys. Hear that? Boys... don't call.
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