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sameen (profile) wrote,
on 8-11-2004 at 6:43pm
Today was the first day of school [*take not of subject]. I mean, I guess it all right. US History has already managed to bore me, but Mr. Hall seems like a good teacher- at least he knows what he's doing. He said last year he had an 87% passing rate, that's pretty damn good. But there's a lotta people in my class, so that'll make up for it, if it does in actuality turn out to be boring. Then was Spanish. It was fun too, cuz EVERYONE is in our class. Going over the handbook was kinda boring tho. I have second lunch.. both days, I think [500's in second lunch, right?]. Mrs Halcomb is nice, but SUCH a stickler for the rules and her class itself is hard. But, I guess the way she grades is how the AP grades, so it's no good havin another teacher who lets u slide, but then u don't pass the AP. Lunch was all right. Some child thought I was a freshman- I do NOT look like a freshman. What an insult. It's switched now.. freshman year people thought I was a junior and this year people r gonna think I'm a freshman. Anyway, then was Pre Cal- it was all right. I mean, Mr Power seems nice and I don't think I'm gonna have THAT much of a hard time gettin an A, most people I know got A's last year.. It was nice goin to school late tho. I think I made a mistake by dropping AP Chem tho. I feel really.. guilty, I dunno y. I'll talk to Ms. Swanson tomorrow. Tomorrow's English, Chem, and Bio. Great, sciences BACK 2 BACK. I think odd days my worst class will be Spanish and even Biology. Well I'm off to do HOMEWORK [how dumb.. on the first day..should be used to it, after last 2 years tho.. ]
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