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melikepeas (profile) wrote,
on 8-12-2004 at 9:59pm
Current mood: crappy
Music: alkaline trio
Subject: new bed and lots of angst.
Went to meet Stacey on Tuesday, it was loads of fun. Mart showed up too, not really spent much time with him before but hes cool, he knows alot of the same people as me and likes alot of the same stuff so me and Stace and mart had a pretty good natter in the issacs. *nods* much funs. Oh yeah and stace got me a present for watching axl and just a random present that she thought id like ^_^ chocolate cows and a pretty necklace. I love my stacey.
Damian met up with us on his breaks and was in a mean and nasty mood for no reason. Not much fun for all parties involved. Sometimes when hes around my friends he says the meanest things to me, and some stuff about me and him that id rather keep private. Its argh. Anyway i tried to talk to him about it but he pretty much ignored me. Anyway he was in a nasty mood all Tuesday but then he went to the pub with his friends from Stockton and was all happy again. Seems like hes only happy when hes around people he wants to be around doing something he wants to do. No compromise or allowance.
Anyway i told him that if he was going to get drunk that he shouldnt come back to mine because well i dont like it and it doesnt exactly make him look good in front of my mam and dad. but he ended up getting rat arsed and coming back to mine. him going on about the number of kids he has and the amount hes drunk/can drink and swearing every other word isnt doing him any favours, mam said she was about to tell dad to stop the car and telling him to walk home. God i wish hes take what i say seriously sometimes.
Anyway when he'd sobered up and chilled out a bit we had a really nice night ^_^ and that day after was pretty good too, lots of snuggles etc.
but we had a row today while he was putting the beds together. he asked me to do him something to eat i asked him what he wanted. blah blah and so it goes on. and anyway instead of saying 'a snack' or 'something warm' he decided to go on at me about how i was useless now and would be even more useless when we got married. Some times its like im just there to get him drinks and pick up after him and fetch stuff for him, i know its not but sometimes it just kinda feels like that.
anyway he told me he couldnt be bothered with it anymore and was going to go home and not come and see me on friday. Then he wondered why i was crying. And then when i told him he sat laughing at me and then decided to give me a hug till id stoped being a dick and stay for some lunch anyway.
we were okay after id cooked him something but i didnt feel like saying much incase he was still angry with me.
Hes not decided what hes doing on Friday yet. Its okay though, hed be bored if he came here. Hes probs gonna go play pool with his mates, he asked if I wanted to come but I said id see how I feel on the night. Ill proberbly leave him to it as I don't really like pool and after these couple of days hed proberbly have more fun without me in the way winging that im bored.
Ill ask stace if she wants to do something, girlie night in/out sounds quite good to me.
Actualy im gonna give her a ring and tell her ive ordered her a present off amazon and to watch out for the parcel. ^_^
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