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sammibaby (profile) wrote,
on 8-12-2004 at 5:32pm
Current mood: sick :(
Music: cha cha slide..don't ask
Subject: so far- i'm liking school.
i'll go class by class...

ceramics- so far it's like taking an easy version of art history. it better not stay like this.

trig.- so many people are inthat class!! i know im gonna love that class. and i love dr. baum. oh, and i got the negatives from amanda's pictures from kaila's party. they came out so cute!

lunch- it was amy, heather, and kaila. amy has siome FUNNY stories/comments. lol. then carlos joined in after we watched him look for people to eat with. lmao. i have a feeling we're all gonna get close. :)

social anth.- boring. just went over rules and such. but its a good group of people.

biology- great people in there too. amy, sam, sameen, ashley...etc. LMAO- the lip gloss going in my mouth thanks to sameen! old songs..found out what camel toe was. lol. and just the chats in there.

bus- listened to old music from the good old days. talked..the usual.

home- ate dinner and im talking to vanessa right now.

have a good night children. xoxo.
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