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lala91 (profile) wrote,
on 8-12-2004 at 6:11pm
sch0ols c0ol cept the drama a c0urse. get t0 sit wif mah bo0 b0th lunches. all mah classes are c0ol. cept reading. uhm.. IM A GR0UPIE!! haha. i havnt updated in awhile. i miss britt!! nd kaela nd daniela nd every0ne. nd mark ndj0sh.. therr n0rmally here every mornin. nd 0n the bus.

hurricane time!! lol. me nd mah br0 were thr0wing all the 0utside furniture int0 the p0ol.. i guess y0ur supp0sed t0 d0 that..? lol. kinda scared. but g0nna be wif mark nd mia. i guess it w0nt be s0 bad. n0 cheerleadin til m0nday. :-D.. g0nna g0. c0mmmmment if ya wanna.

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