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boricuababy (profile) wrote,
on 8-12-2004 at 6:34pm
Current mood: smiley
Music: I Want it That Way-BSB
Subject: lol..amy and her old skoo songs..
the bus was really funny today..we listened to old music..thot bout the old days..i miss being drama back then..stratch that..yea there was..but none i had to deal day of skoolio!!
i'm beginning to love it..:D

u.s history: there's alotta people in that class..i can already tell itz gonna be boring as hell but i got my amycita right next to me to keep me company!!..:)..and both ashley's are in there with me too..and caitlin and a bunch of other its all good

trig: wow..what a class!! that's gonna be fun..everyyybodyyy is in there..cept my amara!!..:(..i think its gonna be a fun class..all my buddies are in there..lots of socializing..dr. baum is cool far..dont wanna jinx

biology: this class is pretty small..but amara's in im is val and rach..and katherine too..i hope morone jr got better with his teaching seems like he's more prepared..:/..hope it turns out good..

social anth: sam's in this one too..:D..we did pretty good with classes this davis is ok..not like other ppl sed he was like..carlos and amy r in here too..

spanish: this class is gonna be really fun too..everyybodyy's in this one sucks we're gonna have mrs levine as a sub for two weeks tho

driver's ed: ally's my driving buddy!! shudd be fun..can't wait

english: schilit's on the iffy side..she calls us "chickie poo"

my luches worked out for me im straight for that..hope this year is a good one!! and i hope it goes by fast..x0x0
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