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Rob (profile) wrote,
on 8-12-2004 at 11:02pm
Subject: Stole from Sheelys Xanga
[[_ BaSiCs _]]
[01.] Name- Rob
[02.] Happy with it- Not espically
[03.] sex- male
[04.] birthday- April 10
[05.] age- 15
[06.] eye color- blue
[07.] hair color-Blonde, too blonde
[08.] hair length- short
[09.] height- 5'5"
[10.] righty or left- righty
[11.] single or taken- single
[12.] school ur attending- Rockford High (10th grade)
[13.] zodiac sign- Aries
[14.] location- Living Room
[15.] bad habits- figiting
[[_ FaVoRiTeS _]]
[16.] actress- I dunno
[17.] actor- I dunno
[18.] cartoon character- The Simpson Family, Stewey (Family Guy)
[19.] disney character- Lilo?
[20.] animal- Polar Bear
[21.] band- Staind, Dave Matthews, Blink182, Def Leppard, Beatles, Weezer
[22.] song- Right Now its "Vindicated" but I change it like every week
[23.] color- green
[24.] month- July
[25.] candy- Snickers
[[_ FaMiLy _]]
[26.] moms name- Sandy
[27.] dads name- Bob
[28.] do u have any siblings- yes
[29.] if so wuts there names- Sam, Beau, Mary
[30.] do u have any pets- yes
[[_ CuRrEnT _]]
[31.] clothes- running shorts, t-shirt
[32.] hair- wet
[33.] people ur talkin to on im- Sheely, Sam, Lindsey
[34.] music- no music right now
[35.] smell- Smoke
[[_ ThIs Or ThAt _]]
[36.] coke OR sprite- coke
[37.] spongebob OR patrick- patrick
[38.] ketchup OR mustard- ketchup
[39.] showers OR baths- showers
[40.] dogs OR cats- I guess I am a dog person
[41.] flowers OR candy- candy
[42.] church OR no church- no church
[43.] hug OR kiss- Hug

[[_ WoRd AsSoCiAtIoN _]]
[44.] angel- Television
[45.] desire- A Clean Room
[46.] big- Fat
[47.] I am- here?
[48.] class- 07
[49.] snotty- nose
[50.] popular- giggles
[51.] I hate- computers
[52.] corn- popcorn!
[53.] birthday- mines far away
[54.] hot- fire
[55.] longest-day
[[_ RaNdOm _]]
[56.] wut is ur middle name-
[57.] do u like the name melvin- No
[58.] do u like butterflies- Sure
[59.] do u want to get married- maybe
[60.] can u whistle- no
[61.] do u get in trouble at school a lot- Not really, no
[62.] I have allergies- Bees, Horseflies
[63.] do u watch opera- No
[64.] do u like chik-fil-la- heh?
[65.] wut is ur favorite movie- Fight Club, Life as a House,Sixteen Candles,Dogma,Detroit Rock City.
[66.] do u get headaches a lot- never
[67.] have u ever bungee jumped- nope
[68.] have u ever been stung by a bee- Yes
[69.] do u like arts N crafts- sure
[70.] r u obsessed with surveys?-when I am bored

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