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spoiled-kisses (profile) wrote,
on 8-12-2004 at 11:54pm
Current mood: depressed
Music: ..n0ne..
Subject: . LiFE SUXX .
i'm such a h0rrible daughter. my m0m's in the 0ther r00m cryiin her eyesz 0ut cuz she dun have en0ugh m0neyy f0r the billsz cuz she put s0o much t0wardsz my car nd n0w .. it's all d0wn the drain. why d0 i have t0 c0nstantlyy disapp0int my parents. i relle feel it w0uldD be better if i juss went awayy f0r awhile. i feel lyke me beiin here hurts my familyy nd i hate it. i hate kn0iin i'm hurtiin them nd feeliin lyke such a failure. why d0 i alwayysz have t0 screw upp everyythiing. it makesz me s0o upset t0 kn0 that i can d0 nuthiin b0ut it either. nd i've benn crazilyy depressedD the last c0uple dayysz 0ver my car. wut the fuck d0 i d0. i juss want my familyy t0 get 0n a g00dD track nd i wana st0p wastiin their m0ney awayy. i hate myself. i d0, i g0 0ut nd have a g00dD tiime while my m0m w0rksz her fuckiin ass 0ff. why d0 i have t0 be such a fuck upp?!

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