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lindseyethatsme (profile) wrote,
on 8-14-2004 at 4:19pm
Current mood: hurricane ish whatever mood that is
Music: yellowcard- ha
Subject: new poem writing thing
and it was all coming apart
(the center cannot hold)

so look at us now
im so proud
of the way i've let you
let me down
(so this is how it is?)
if this is love
then it's been overrated
and i must've missed something
along the way
what happened to that feeling-
i'm feeling now
that i should throw up
(did that turn you on?)
i'm betting not.
so this is what it's like?
sweet talking for months
kisses in the dark
whispers down low
hoping to spark
a little conversation
and then this?
(this is good enough
for you isn't it?)
i'm so tired of trying
you're chances are up
and the lying
to myself
-well it's become
another habit to break
i must say
i thought you were different
the worst thing
is that it's not all your fault
not really
but i'm let down
and you're happy
(atleast that makes one of us)
this is soon to be expired
it's dead
and i'm tired
of only pleasing you
in certain ways
look at us now
aren't you so proud?
as i'm falling.
i'm falling apart.
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