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melikepeas (profile) wrote,
on 8-14-2004 at 9:40pm
Current mood: owwie
Music: alkaline trio. yes again.
Subject: work make my feet die.
Well i went to work today. It was okay i geus. This guy asked me for my number because im 'really good looking and got a really nice ass' apparently he couldnt help noticeing -_-* bless. Im making more friends at work now and we have stuff to talk about, thats good. Me, chris, mark and charlotte were talking about maybe going out in hartlepool one night. Might be fun i thinks.
One of my bosses is nicolas (smith, from primary school) mam too, lynne, which is also nice because my boss instantly likes me, and shes a nice lady too *nods*
Probs gona go to flamingo land tomorow, i wanted to take stace but mam said no =( wonder if she got her present yet? hehe.
OOOOHHHHH im gonna go to an anne summers party on monday at lucys ^_^ aahhw i havnt seen her in soo long, i miss my luce.
Yes yes. Alkaline trio make my ears happy. (and my bowles but i wont go into that here). Im gonna order a cd off amazon on pay day either that or borrow staces.
Appologies for the crap post but nothing much is going on. never mind.
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