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XuNsPoKeNxFeArSzX (profile) wrote,
on 8-14-2004 at 10:35pm
Current mood: happy
Music: * Actin Up *
Subject: - *My wOrLd is Crashing Down All aRounD mE* -
HeY!! well okay.. went to the movies with my cousins after spending 7 hours over my g-moms cuz she is sick.. well it was the worst time i ever had in my life... well i think any way.. first off all they walked in to the wrong movie.. twice.. and my cousin jon tripped and every he was carrying went all over the old woman that was walking in front of us.. and thats just the first part.. they didnt SHUT THE HELL UP for the whole movie.. which by the way was good.. and then when we were leaving.. chris (who was drving) almost got in so much trouble by trying to go in to other movie.. but some one that works there caught him.. so we were there for a hour while he was getting yelled at.. then by the time we were leaving it was raining.. then on the way home.. we went in to the acme to get sum thing to eat for everyone that was back at my g-moms house.. we almost hit sum one.. so yeah.. im a little pissed at them.. but im still alive.. and i didnt kill them.. not yet any way.. lol.. well.. thats really all that happened.. but im not going to be updating here a while lot.. i still will be writing in here.. cuz sum times i cant get in to my name.. always forgetting my password or sumthing.. like right now.. lol.. well gots to go..

Love and Kisses <3 xO
xO ` AmA'nDa xO
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