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boricuababy (profile) wrote,
on 8-15-2004 at 2:13pm
Current mood: excited
Music: Dickey Ride
Subject: amara got tickets to the VMA's!!!!
wow..that is so frickin koo!! happy for them..better take pictures!!

sammi came over last nite..we hung out at my house..saw barbershop 2..i love that movie..sam liked it too.."i can't talk bout luther vandross??..whattttt cha gon do bout it??" the entertainer is so funny..after the movie we had chinese food!! that was good..then we juss chilled in my room..and pretty much just talked..that was funny..our little "scenes" hadda be there..she stayed till like around 11:30-ish..then we took her home..wen we got back we watched the dvd we had bought earlier.."the best of cedric the entertainer" was hilarious!! u gotta see's just been a really lazy day..i've been up only two hours but im already sleepy..i think it's the weather..rainy..n icky..i went to publix with my moms and i went to the deli to get ham n salami and the lady didnt speak was didnt get her she didnt get me..jon and pat let like an hour ago for baseball practice..this week is gonna be really not lookin foward to practice on tues..and last yrs. spanish exam on wednesday..errr..oh well..gotta get over it..

meli-this friday for sure!!
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