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lifesuxsodanz (profile) wrote,
on 8-15-2004 at 3:16pm
Subject: I feel obligated to write something...
I forsee this year being terrible by all accounts I don't know why.

School is stressful...eagle-ettes doesn't officially start until next week.

When are we all to have time for each other? Between school,work,homework,SAT prep,chores,family responsibility,extra curriculars,community service...we all have so much going on. I don't see any room in that mix for friends and dating. It's depressing to see it all laid out like that.

I need to do well in school this year so badly if I fuck up now I will never get my car in january. My mom never lets me take the car I hate it. Even if she doesn't need it she's just like well its too far or i don't want you driving at night yet or w/e fuck it not like I have anywhere to go anyway.

Michelle is gone she's officially moved into her dorm. It was so sad on friday night. My parents didn't want us driving out to boca because of the storm so michelle lauren and I hung out at my house and ate junk food and watched movies for the last time. We were saying goodbye in my driveway and lauren was crying her eyes out because she always crys and we took pictures on michelles phone and remembered some inside jokes and good times and then she drove away and it was sad.

Lauren ended up crashing at my house and we woke up the next morning and went to go help kristen out with starlets. ok i did this for commnity service but its still sooo unlike me. We helped her run practice for her dance team of 7yr old girls which wasnt too bad since nicki and jenn were there too and we didn't have to do a lot just make copies and demonstrate stuff. Then nick and jenn left and kristen asked us to stay and help at the meeting for all of their parents afterwards. So we were like hell yea get more hours just for siting there but nonono. All of the kids got restless in the meeting so we had to watch them in the other room. All 24 girls plus mikes son dillan and this little kid niko. At first we just turned on a movie and it was all good then they started running around and screaming and I ended up havign to like play with them and make sure they didnt kill each other doing cheerleading stunts and gymnastics. They decided a good game was to hang all over me until i couldnt stand and then pile on top of me. I was so exhausted by the end of the day. I could so be a babysitter though I still hate them but I can handle kids a lot better than I thought. idk i have 59 hours of community service knocked out now.

lol I am just now finishing the bio summer work then I have to get something done of the other work he left us on thursday. This class is going to kill me and I am going to hate him I can see it now.

my teachers are all really goofy there is just no other word.

I had an interesting conversation with altan last night about loves marriage to tragedy among other things and an odd one with lawerence about...i don't even remember but it was random.

I'm so mad I didn't get to see garden state this weekend.

Danielle drove me home the other day in her new pimp ride lmao it was fun. I'm going to steal the car one of these days and go visit her at work.

Oh and this entry goes out to Nicki because she's fuckin awesome. She's so fuckin awesome she deserves a whole paragraph so here goes. If your ever feelin not so great just go talk to nicki and you will be laughing in no time lol she doesn't even have to try sometimes. If you ever want some great 5am phone calls she's your girl but in all seriousness she's a great friend and an awesome dancer and there's your fricken paragraph lol. <3

mmmm what else what else nothing important i'm sure love to all.


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