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theroofisonfire (profile) wrote,
on 8-15-2004 at 7:48pm
Current mood: disappointed
Music: no music
Subject: no subect either

so i posted some pictures on lj (HERE) and yeah they're not that special but i like the last one! i havent been doing much at all. tomorrow i'm playing soccer with some asians and then i have pictures the next few days, still waiting for that mail from the photographers. i might need to call the school. these pictures'll be special i'll send you guys some through the actual mail. but other than that not much at all has been going on. i really really really miss you guys!

ok anyway i've been watching the olympics and who saw the Americans get killed by the Puerto Ricans?!?!?! that was a shame. but the USA really is lacking perimeter shooters and true centers. plus they're too young! they need Jason Kidd and TMac. ohh and theres swimming too with Michael Phelps... he listens to Eminem before every race to get pumped up or something. hes good, but he isnt Mark Spitz! but remember Rhi Jeffrey? she set the national high school record 2 years ago at Atlantic in simming, yeah well shes swimming in the olympics now in the 800 butterfly or something i think.

but i'm waiting for my mail and hoping this school year is a million times better than the last. i'm incurably homesick and being the new boy isnt so fun!
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