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sammibaby (profile) wrote,
on 8-16-2004 at 4:09pm
Current mood: sick
Music: i'll be the one
Subject: umm. yuh. this is gonna be a long one.
where did i leave off? oh yeah- friday. nothing happened. past out after school.

saturday: did some homework. called up people trying to see if i could go out but everyone was busy. then my kaila called, so i went over there. we watched barber shop 2. i liked it a lot. maybe even better than the first one. then we had some chinese food and i was brave and tried something. turned out to be sweet and sour chicken. but i get props for trying it with out knowing. lol. after, we had our scenes. lmao. those were great. we read our horoscopes for the year. interesting to say the least. an we just chilled and such. good times. went home about 11:30. around midnight i called ashley and talked til about 3:15. she keeps me entertained. :)

sunday: did bio homework all day!! holy crap- i was dead by the end of the day. i couldnt even talk right. then i went to my aunts house to use her printer..printed my thing. then had to print 64 pages worth of social anthropologhy stuff. got home about the chapters for davis. finally got to bed around midnight.

monday: BAD, BAD day. got busted for dress code. i never knew you couldnt wear halter tops even if you had a jacket on. and my shorts were too short. and the flip flops i was wearing werent the "newer" ones. they were the "old" kind. wtf?! well, i called my mom to bring me clothes- she couldnt get there til 9:30. so i had to wait in student services. i asked ms. stacey if i could just wear atl clothes until i got mine. she said no because of my shoes. i dont get it- the ones with beads are allowed but plain one arent!? then norris decides to talk to me. yuh. weird kid. i was in detention for pretty much two hours. and they speak in ebonics in there. if they want to yell at me, they need to do it in english. i havent been that mad in a while. so i finally get to trig. and i ran into a desk. yuh. ouch. everyone said i looked scray because i was so pissed. i can believe that. but the rest of the class went pretty well. time for fourth hour- i find out all the bio i did wasnt even due today! lunch and social anth. were alright. in bio, a girl took my seat. grr. on the bus i just slept. oh, and did i mention- im sick??!! i just want today to end.

so yeah, im hoping tomorrow goes better. and i hope i can get through tonight with all this reading bullshit. later. xoxo.
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