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spoiled-kisses (profile) wrote,
on 8-16-2004 at 9:18pm
Current mood: lazy
Music: ..m0rning view CD..
Subject: . laSt dayy 0f suMmer .
s0o t0m0rr0w i start sch00l .. yuCk. my fiirst real dayy isz WED. t0m0rr0w isz juss 0rientati0n. newh0, lyfe's benn 0k. i get my car back t0m0rr0w. yeSterdayy was g00dD. went t0 miKe's h0use after i w0ke upp. we washedD 0ur puppyy nautiCa nd cleanedD his r00m. went t0 walmaRt f0r shyt he neededD. my rentsz invitedD uss t0 dinner s0o we b0ught beer at the st0re nd br0ught it 0ver t0 my h0use. ate dinner. we left nd went t0 bl0ckbuSter nd g0t kiLL biLL AGAiN. l0l, nd again we didnt watch it. last niight was A M A Z i N G. it was 0ur first tiime haviin sex nd it felt s0o riight. it was perfect tiiming nd i dun regret it at all. then we fell asleep in each 0ther's armsz nd miKe w0ke upp at 12.5o nd t0ldD me i hadda g0 h0me. s0o i left nd g0t h0me lyke 5 minutesz late but the rentsz didn't n0tice. it felt s0o g00d t0 fall asleep next t0 hiim. we were s0o c0mf0rtable. theyy alwayysz sayy y0u feel cl0ser t0 a pers0n 0nce y0u have sexx wit them nd i felt that wayy wit edDy .. that's why i was s0o attatchedD nd wit j0hn carmich. i th0ught b0ut hiim a l0t. but wit miKe, since we waitedD .. i alreadyy felt s0o cl0se wit hiim. it didnt make uss cl0ser but i feel lyke we care b0ut each 0ther m0re n0w. it was s0o perfect th0. but n0w that summer's 0ver i can 0nlyy see hiim 0n the weekendsz which t0tallyy suxx. but siince my rentsz lyke hiim i h0pe i'll be able t0 see hiim lyke sum niightsz. i saw hiim t0dayy. my daddyy let hiim c0me 0ver bef0re i went t0 w0rk. we talkedD nd cuddledD nd juss layedD in my bedD nd watchedD TV. it felt g00d. then my daddyy left nd the LiL anDy stayyedD at the h0use. s0o me nd miKe did sum babysitting. i c00kedD nd then miKe t00k anDy 0utside t0 playy f00tball nd baseball nd taught anDy h0w t0 swiing a bat. nd then everyy 5 minutesz anDy w0uldD be lyke 'miKe .. c0me here'. l0l it was cute th0. miKe isz s0o g00dD wit kidDsz. we juss g0t 0ver a stupidD fiight cuz he gave thisz kidD my number the 0ther dayy f0r weedD nd n0w the guyy w0nt st0p calliing me nd miKe g0t pissedD cuz he thiinksz that i talk t0 hiim lyke all the tiime which isnt true cuz i'd never d0 nethiing t0 hurt miKe. but we g0t 0ver it. newayysz, g0tta get shyt t0gether f0r t0m0rr0w. xoxo

<33 SiSi
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