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r0ckmywurld (profile) wrote,
on 8-17-2004 at 12:22am
Current mood: .stoned.
Music: this is a war- Smile Empty Soul
Subject: perfectly perfect
i hate when i get really really excited for something. and then it crashes down. that really sucks. but that was the only downer of the night so im not concerned.

tonight was beautiful. i love my two brothers. i love sean. i love chris. i love ian's girlyfriend alicia. i love leah. i love meg. and i love sam. tonight was wonderful. i got perfectly stoned. a perfect amount of times. with perfect people. doing perfect things. perfectly. im going to miss luke and ian when they go off to school, they are amazing. ian and me are the munchie stoners. its perfect. luke played acoustic guitar for me. ya im a sucker for anything acoustic. hehe. i just sat there high listening to it. happily. so incredibly happily. it was amazing. then me and ian talked about when i was completely in love with luke. i still love him. haha. of course platonically now. but i stil love him. hes going to be an engineer though, maybe i should really love him. hehe. oh i just wanted to let every guy that missed out know that august 16th is free boobie touch day. oh and for further reference august 24th is national "nothing is sexual harassment" day. meaning you could rape a girl and it wouldnt be rape. yeah sean and luke informed me off all of this when i was alone with them in the car. i love them. perfectly. today was awesome and im so happy that i got to listen to him play guitar. goodnight she said. perfectly happy because she knows when she cant find the butterflies she is looking for she still has ones that bring her over the stomache bumps on the road.

*stagnancy was her only enemy*
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