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playachika (profile) wrote,
on 8-17-2004 at 12:32am
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Ok- this is the first full day that i have power in my house.
I can now tell you about the events that took place on Friday the 13th... Ironic??
There was a level 4 hurricane that was aimed straight at fort myers... fort myers beach.. wher ei live 6 miles from, i would have been caught in the eye of the storm.. there was a mandatory evactuation of lee county 10 minutes before the hurricane hit. the winds were too strong to leave so we stayed. Luckily, the storm took a turn and landed a half hour away... but these peoples lives will never be the same. Hurricane Charley landed in Charlotte County, destroying all the homes in his path. Fort Myers had gusts of wind measuted at 120 mph... but that was nothing compared the to 155 mph winds that swept through punta gorda and port charlotte. These people were barely evacuated because at first they were calling for the hurricane to hit Tampa, Bradenton area... So far, most peopel who died were in mobile homes... but its so bad. Church this weekend, we are going to help out.. i wouldnt kno what to do if i lost everything i had. the sad part is peopel are price gouging these people that lost anything they had.. everything is lost.. some of my friends in cape coral lost half of their roofs... there was a tornado that swept through along with the hurricane in cape coral. My neighborhood just has leaking and down trees... nothing more... its so sad how i can live with this..
Cypress highschool's gym is destroyed. it will be a long time before they can repair it. Cape coral highschool has no roof period. Norths auditorium got messed up.. im not sure about my school but there was said to be flooding and shattered windows.
My friends that live on fort myers beach won't be able to return home until tomorrow morning... they lived there... and they havn't been able to return home until... 4 days after this tragic event took place... My friends that live on sanibel, it will probably be longer before they arae able to return home. Captiva is now split into two. The south seas resort is underwater and will forever be there... there is a 400 foot gap now.. and the water will not go down.. it will forever be that way. Pine Island got very destroyed also. My aunt and uncle live there and there were houses said to be drifting on the island. That was someones home...
Mrs. Wheeler, my biology teacher from last year had a baby, and she lived in punta gorda where alot of damage is... IT's horrible to see this taking place.. i watched my pool screen dangle in the winds.. and i heared the top window... 28 ft high, bow back and forth along witht the garage door... and we didn't even have the highest of winds...
school is cancelled until thursday.. maybe longer if the schools are that much damaged.. This was the 18th level 4/5 hurricane to ever hit the united states and i lived through it, but some unfortuate souls didn't... i don't know what to say about it...
theres just too much to say.. its amazing what epopel are going through and how strong these winds were..
i think i am done on this subject... please pray for the victims and the survivors that had their homes destroyed by hurricane charley...
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