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xobabiphatox (profile) wrote,
on 8-18-2004 at 12:16am
Current mood: accomplished
Music: Beenie* King of the Dancehall
Subject: yanno wat..
Y'all lyke da new look?

Its a damn shame that no one's gonna give a "treet" bout me til I die.. Cuz that's the case it usually it wit otha folk. Wat makes me different? I guess its cuz Im Courtney..or suttin like that. Yes...last nite was fun..uhm yea Roc came..we had to smell him to make sure he wouldn't stink up tha car cuz he came from football practice. Yea..Vincent..grrhh gotta beat him up again lol.. but yes.. I had fun :) beatin up folk..runnin round..chillin outside.. seein my cousin Michal [mih-call] not michael..

ilk band camp is next i noe im not seein sum1..Saturday my ass will be zZz.. but yea.. Im off to work on otha mess on my computer..uhm yea leave me a comment or suttin..still needta do more shoppin...the highlight of my day so far mom is gettin me Chick Fil'A.... and I dunno.. buh bye :)


*real eyez...realize...real liez*
One <3
c o u r t n e y

..evander is a crazy mutha.. gold card baby..
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