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echoingremorse (profile) wrote,
on 8-18-2004 at 11:30pm
today was a pretty sweet day at work...just me and cara.. caras wicked funny.. been friends since 1st grade.. lol.. we got 10 quarters out of one of the arcade machines using some scissors... haha.. shes nice.. but shes wicked meen to customers.. its wicked funny.. some lady a few days ago came up to me and was like "ya know... everyone who works here is soooooo nice, except for that blonde girl *points at cara*".. and i jsut laughed my ass off....

corey got us pizza today.. hes always getting us pizza and stuff.. hes wicked awsoume..

theres this claw machine at work.. and cara put fuckin $20 bucks in it a few days ago.. and corey has put atleast 30 or 40 in it..seriously.. liek everyday i work with either of the they put atleast 5 bucks in it.. and i jsut stand and watch...

ive been thinking abotu gettign dreads.. now that my hair is somewhat long enough.. i guess chris and randy got tattoos today (yeah i read your journal, i get bored ok?).. its kinda funny since i was just thinking all of today what i want to get for a tattoo... but i think im getting the dreads first.. i want the tatoo to be something involving roses..but NO skulls and snakes...
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