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echoingremorse (profile) wrote,
on 8-19-2004 at 8:22pm
today was pretty sweet.. i hung out with ashly, jeremy, and erich.. lol.. it was kinda random.. first i went and picked up ashly and then we went to jeremys and he was sleeping still.. soo she was like "hey!. wake up!". lol.. and he did.. obviously.. and then we hung otu there with joey and meaghan a while.. and then we went to erichs house (all the way in loudon [where i live]) and watched a couple episodes of AquaTeen Hunger Force.. then me and erich were like "we need to go get soem angus".. and of course jeremy thougt we were secretly talkign abotu drugs the whoel time.. but we really were talking about the angus burger at Burger King.. lol.. soo we went all the way to pitsfeild to get gas then all the way to concord.. adn then when we got there... Wilson and Jess were there. weird how Wilson is way up at the top of employment at McDonalds.. but he eats at Burger King.. lol.. then after a while.. and talkign abotu good times after graduation (me,wilson, seth and wilson's dad doing the yeah..) erich left to go to work.. and me and ashly and jeremy went back to jeremys house.. and hung out.. and then i dropped ashly off.. and that was my da.. now im here talking to lauren and ashly, mostly lauren, you guys are so great.. thanks.. lol.
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