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sameen (profile) wrote,
on 8-19-2004 at 9:18pm
Current mood: busy
Music: Baby ft. P Diddy- Do That
I think all my entries for like.. a year now r gonna be about how much work school is and how badly is sucks- sorry in advance

I seriously start at 4:30/5 and work until about 10/11 at night. [Obviously wit the necessary breaks..] I dunno, I think it's cuz I have my computer on/music playing. Maybe tomorrow I'll try without the music/computer on- wait, scrath that, tomorrow's Friday, I'm NOT workin that hard on a Friday. Some of the classes rn't that bad though. [English, Chem, and surpringly Bio]. History and Spsanish sucks major ass. History, just cuz it's boring. I have no clue what 2 expect 4 the test ?! so I gotta read this weekend and get up 2 date on everything in that class. Spanish- it's just a hard course. And I'm confused in Pre Cal [not sounding conceited, but..], which I rarely ever struggle in MATH. What's up with that? I dunno, it just feels like I'm runnin a race wit the clock whenever I get home. Can u believe these two girls in my Bio class were like.. DISAPPOINTED/WORRIED we didn't get any homework?!

But I'm glad it's Friday tomorrow. Then I get TWO WHOLE DAYS to do homework- just kidding! Rachel's party, and I wanna go 2 the movies.. I WILL go the movies. Good stuff.
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