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lovethehibiscus (profile) wrote,
on 8-19-2004 at 10:05pm
Current mood: bored
Music: unmade bed - sonic youth...AH ITS SUCHA DRUG..cant..stop..playing
Subject: random shtuff alphabet
a.) is for andrea. never calll my on-drey-uh or i may be liable to kick you in the shin afterwards. its an-dree-uh, thankyouverymuch

b.) is for brandon. thank goodness school starts on monday and i wont have to watch him anymore. he drives me up the walls. i feel bad for his teachers. yesterday he came into the dining room and exclaimed that he was Jesus. he is an odd one. he is my brother. oh oh oh i am sooo lucky.

c.) is for collage. i collaged a chunk of my wall with my art and art from magazines. i love it. i used mucho scotch tape but i love it and its all the hood...yo

d.) is for drawing. i once drew a hibiscus on the bottom of my foot out of boredom and cause i had tattoo pens, it rubbed off on too my tan flip flop. you shoulda seen my yahtzee card from last night...doodles all over it. i am horrible at drawin faces. like 1 out of every 6 faces i draw come out looking human-like.

e.) is for email. thank goodness for email. i dont know how i could possibly survive using regular mail. when i was writin to rina in sweden over the summer i would go to the mailbox everyday.."where is that letter? jeez it takes forever. me=loves gettin regular mail, mondo-ly dislikes waitin for it

f.) is for flip flops. i am proud to say that i have 12 pairs. ya got the ghetto kind (the front flaps up..but there is a roll of duct tape in the flap to get em together..ah they are so comfy), the pink and black checkered ones where i am in the screw what everyone thinks kinda mood and just want to mismatch just to piss people off, the chunky tan ones that make me 5'4 and have the hibiscus on it (think letter d), and 9 others. i have a flip flop collection. yay.

g.) is for gingerbread. i have read gingerbread by rachel cohn like 10 times or more. it is so good. i think after i get offline..ima go read it again. if ya havent read it, hit the library and give it a whirl. i can wait til the sequel to it 'shrimp' comes out next year. woot.

h.) is for happiness. people people HAPPY! live is too short to be angry or sad or some other negative mood. i read once that one minute of sadness is one minute of happiness that you will never get back. so dont happy.

i.) is for Ireland. ah i so want to travel to there. let the clovers grow and the irish beer flow. ah just playin. if i ever get mega mega rich one day..ima build a gargantuan mansion complete with a bowlin alley and a rollerdisco rink on acres and acres of land. 'andies rollerdisco....afros required...dancing skills optional'

j.) is for junkie. i am a fair junkie. i love fairs. ooooh especially the ones in november cause i love autumn and love ridin and havin the chilly wind whiskin about. cant forget about elephant ears. ah those are so so good. i saw this kit where you could make your own elephant ears, almost got it, but it wouldnt be the same. gravitron is a mucho sweet ride. just started ridin it last year and i loooove it. after the third time in a row ya ride it...then ya start gettin quite woozy.

k.) is for kicking. the other day i was fightin with robyn over this stick thing and i went to go kick robyn in the back of the leg while i was standing infront of him. i accidentaly kicked him in the shin..with the side of my foot. it hurt sooooo bad. i limped all that night. it is really bruised right now. i learned my lesson. no more kicking people.

l.) is for lunchables. yay for lunchables. i could LIVE ON the pizza lunchables. ya know? the ones where ya make the pizza with the sauce and cheese. always the ones with the two types of cheese cause i dont even wanna know what is in their so called 'pepperoni.'

m.) is for 'My problem is you make me melt and I donít want to be frozen anymore.' that is a line from have you ever by incubus. i once told..errr..sent that to someone and i meant it. i didnt get a reply back from him. oh well, thats in the past now. i dont regret saying it at all.

n.) is for 'nineteen.' a couple days ago i was in my aunts rv and my cousin, my cousin's boyfriend, and my aunt and i were watchin the olympics. i said somethin like 'he is only nineteen,' but nineteen came out sooo southern and twanggy. it was funny. then my aunt, my cousin, and my cousin's boyfriend mimicked how i said it. what can i say? ima florida cracker..born an raised.

o.) is for op guy. he hangs on my magnetic board in my room. brandon boyd and matt taylor are on the magnetic board too. they are all very very good lookin boys. mike morrisey will be on the magnetic board soon.

p.) is for photo album. i have one that i update when i am bored. it is cool. it has magazine sayings and written sayings from me in the space with the picture commenting on the picture. once i get my pictures back from my cruise then i will be updatin it like cuh-razy.

q.) is for quiet. i am kinda quiet in clases cause i wanna pass and there is usually no one to talk to but wooo boy outta class i need a muzzle. i am loud. i speak my mind. the other day i went to the movies with my cousin jackie. these noisy kids sat next to us. and when the movie began this one girl semi-screamed at my cousin, 'HEY IS THIS THE PRINCESS DIARIES 2??!?' and i looked leaned forward and looked past my cousin and past an empty seat and at the girl and said, 'no, its jurassic park.'

r.) is for rubiks cube. i got one for christmas and it drives me crazy. it sits on my stereo between my various retro smurf figurines and wine glass full of seashells and once in a while i take it down and try to figure it out. i think the rubiks cube was invented by the devil.

s.) is for scuba steve. when my computer acts up i yell 'DAMN YOU SCUBA STEVE!' at it. so scuba steve kinda became my computers name. yea, my computer has a name. ima geek but its all good. this computer likes to often shut off outta the middle of nowhere. ON ITS OWN! cue to me yelling a certain line from a certain adam sandler movie.

t.) is for tampa bay bucs. yea ima bucs fan. whats it to you bub? haha just playin. cant wait for the 2004 season to kick off. then i can dig out my large alstott jersey and have an excuse to yell 'RUN! RUN! RUN!' at the tv. the team got a little dismantled this year but gruden can coach em to victory. GO BUCS!

u.) is for umbrella tree. we have an umbrella tree in our cubicle courtyard. it would shed and shed soo many leaves daily. and guess who's chore it was to sweep em up, put em in a pile, put the pile in a trash bag, and haul the trash bag to the dumpster? me, i was the lucky one. well hurricane charley blew like half of the leaves off that umbrella tree. HA HA!

v.) is for very sexy for her 2. that is the perfume i wear. aaahhh it smells so good. tis a little stong. i have justa lil bit of it left. tear.

w.) is for wonderwall. i was gonna put 'without a paddle' cause i want to see that but then i thought of wonderwall by oasis and now i cant get the song outta my head. 'cause maybe, your gonna be the one that saves me, and after all youre my wonderwall.'

x.) is for xylophone. when i was 6 i would always play with my lil one year old cousins brightly colored playskool xylophone. i could do twinkle twinkle little star, mary had a little lamb, annd are you sleeping? (i was gonna put the french name for the song but im not even gonna try to spell that sucker) buuut i could also the first like 3 notes from 'somewhere over the rainbow.' i would play the 3 notes over and over again yet never find any other notes. oh shnap!

y.) is for yearbooks. when bored i always dig out my ol yearbooks from elementary and middle school and look at how much my friends and myself have changed over the years. it also makes me remember some good memories from those times. 'A LITTLE DAB'LL DO YA!'

z.) is for zumiez. zumiez is a store up north. they had one in this huuuuuge mall i was in in syracuse. it is a snowboard/skate shop chock full with sweet roxy and billabong shtuff and other rad stuff. i wish we had a zumiez. too bad the snowboard part would be totally useless down here in the florida heat.

ta-da i am FINALLY DONE!

andie andie oxenfree***

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