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xobabiphatox (profile) wrote,
on 8-20-2004 at 7:39pm
Current mood: happy
Music: Locked Up & Me + Taylor laughin

lonely...yea..survey.. look @ dis crap

seXimiLkch0clate: i wuda killed mines by now
BCDAutomatic: i would switch classes if we looked da same
seXimiLkch0clate: lol tru
seXimiLkch0clate: edmond killed it when he was like if i had a twin hed try and get wit both of us cuz i realize mos dudes mite try and pull dat
BCDAutomatic: o yeah dats tru
seXimiLkch0clate: see
BCDAutomatic: i ain't even gonna lie i would too
seXimiLkch0clate: see!! lol
seXimiLkch0clate: dats why shed be dead
seXimiLkch0clate: im all mad at a twin i don't even have..i want da attention lol
BCDAutomatic: lol
BCDAutomatic: yall could both get the attention
seXimiLkch0clate: yea..but wat happens when it comes down to one dude
seXimiLkch0clate: me and her will be fightin and i will be winnin -my- man
BCDAutomatic: well if its me we could have a threesome lol
seXimiLkch0clate: yooooooo
seXimiLkch0clate: u gettin smacked lol
BCDAutomatic: lol
seXimiLkch0clate: twice, one for my non existent twin
BCDAutomatic: anywayz


where do you live?:jerseyyy...twp
if you live in nj do u like it?:yea
do u own a coach handbag or a fake?:nah
does your closet consist of white teashirts that look like dresses on you?:i got a couple
if your male- do u find yourself wearing the color pink? and liking it?:
do u live next door to a big italian house that looks like it doesnt belon?:we live in condos
is your house the big italian house?:see about
did u develop an accent living in NJ?:ppl say i have a southern accent
do you find yourself going to the mall at least once a week?:used to
are local CVS's your hangouts?:nah..wal-marts and movies
do you take day trips to LBI, Seaside, or Point Pleasent?:yea i was gon go to cape may today
is your house greatly overpriced?:nahh
are you less then 15 minutes away from NY?:i wish
you love NY i kno you do. am i correct?:yea
are you an obssessed fan of the Yanks.:nah
do you go online at least once a day?:yea
do you live either off a main road or on one?:main road
are u less than 5 minutes away from a main mall?:3 minutes
is your neighbors on the phone 24/7 outside walking up and down the streets:haha thats me
are u those neigbbores?:nah
do u feel bad for the kids that suck at sports or do u just laugh?:both..depends on wat happens that dat
if you laugh ur definatly a new jersier/yorker:i do live in Jersey..
do u think your town sucks and u want to get out so bad:HELL YEA..well only sometimes
but you kno u wuldnt rather be anywhere else but ur town right?:Detroit or ATL actually
do u ever wonder why the actors from dif states try to have NJ accent?:neva noticed
does that make you angry?:nah
do u smoke pot weekly in the woods of a UPS parking lot?:nahh
do the cops wave and smile at u even though your doing something illegal?:prolly
do u stand there watching a fight instead of going to get help?:yep
and you enjoy it too i bet?:sometimes unless its my friend..
isnt it exciting when something happens it you towm?:there's always drama
even if its really bad?:no
Was the last thing exciting in your town Hurricane Floyd?:nah
did u go swimming in the streets?:no
did u have to get a tetna shot?:yea
do kids write "free -" all over your school after that person got arrested?:nah
the most exciting thing in the summer is the town carnival?:nope..
even though u feel like such a nerd showing up? but u kno everyones there.:no
do you get all your drugs from the owner of a local restaurant?:no drugs for me
at family parties.. does ur family always end up fighting w/ ur relatives:yep
is ur granma the richest bitch ever and she only gives you $20 4 ur b-day?:nah
even though those music downloads illegal- you still do it?:YEP
u lov watchin those shows w. the f-up families & watch all there problems?:yeaa
do u love Z 100?:nah
do u hate ur ex with every hatred in your blood:nah

How New Jersey are you? brought to you by BZOINK!

Whats your name?:courtney
Do you like it?:its okay..spells "cute".. :)
Whats your favorite color?:pink / black / silva
Whats your favorite TV Show?:uhm..none really
Who is your favorite actor/actress?:morris / taye / colin / johnny / denzel
Whats your favorite movie?:two can play that game / lion king
Whats your favorite band/singer?:boyz ii men
Do you have any other favorites? Favorite Smurf?:i have a favorite base... :) not home eitha..
What You Do
Are you in school?:yea
If so, what grade or what type?:im a sophomore
Do you sing?:mmhmm
Do you act?:yep got an award @ graduation
Do you pretend to sing or act but you really cant?:sometimes i sing badly on purpose..
Do you have a friend like that?:yea..
Do you use illegal substances?:nah
Do you party every night even if it is a weeknight?:in my own lil world i do..or somethin
Do you have any pet peeves?:two faced boshes named LT
If so what are they? Pick on famous people here:see above
Do you stay up all night without sleep just to hang out with friends?:no..i jus talk to them on my fone
Is it on your To-Do List?:no
Do You play sports?:yea
Do you pretend you can play sports but really cant?:i did for hockey
Do you spend too much time on your computer?:nah
Do you wish you could spend more time on the computer?:no
Do you eat every meal? Do you eat BETWEEN every meal?:..nope..sometimes..
If you dont do either, Are you anorexic?:maybe in like 5th grade for the tinest time..
Do you dress up to impress people?:sometimes
Are you a poser of any kind?:i pretend to be innocent in classes..but outside of classes :)..
If so, WHat kind of poser are you? Goth? Skater?:none like that
Do you have a crush on anyone right now? Who?:mmhmm.. :)
Do you have a girlfriend/boyfriend?:not officially..but it's close enough
Do you want one?:got it
If you have one, do you love them?:yes...
Whats the craziest thing you have ever done after midnight?:midnite.. oh..well last thing was bowlin and actin stupid wit my cousins
Whats the craziest thing you have done during the day? don't wanna noe i dont wanna be looked upon as a hoe
Do you have friends?:yes..
Do you have too many friends?:don't think so
Do you have friends you didnt wish you had?:..nah
Do you enjoy taking surveys?:i guess so

The Real You! brought to you by BZOINK!

Basic Shit
Weight:no idea
Eye Color:brown w/ black on the outside
Hair Color:currently deep red/purple and black
Ethnicity:basiajamerican [figure it out]
Ultimate Dude/Dudette
Ultimate Hair Color:dark brown / black
Ultimate Eye Color:green / brown
Ultimate Skin Color:..a nice brown..don't even gotta be black eitha
Ultimate Personality:funny / smooth / genuine
Ultimate Likes:me of course.. sports mainly basketball/tennis.. somethin otha than drugs and hoes
Ultimate Dislikes:hoes..LT.. too much drama
Ultimate Label:..?
Ultimate Gender:i thought we was talkin bout ur ultimate person..
Ultimate Favorite
Dates You've Been On:..4 official ones..
People You've Kissed:3/4
People You've Done It With:0
People You've Fingered:i'm straight
What do you usually do with your partner:see them @ tha movies..
Longest Time Going Out:"6 goin on 7 months"..still in it
Longest Makeout bout 3 hours?
Longest Relationship:see two above
Food:pasta / seafood
Color:red / black / pink / silver
Animal:and wildcat / duck / elephant
Body Part:neck
Type Of Kiss:any kiss on the neck
IM Program:aim
Journal Community:lj
Porn Star:me...sike nah..
Book:jutus girls..i wanna get skinny people are evil
Band:boyz ii men
Singer:alicia / aaliyah
Best:ashley taylor / edmond
Bitchiest:no comment lol
Nerdiest:me and taylor!
Coolest:moi :)
Friend You'd Want to Fuck the Shit Out Of Besides Your Girl/Boyfriend:..woo.. jh :)
Most likely to become a prostitute:nc..she likes to fuck..and i prolly will too when i finally do
Most likely to succeed:cris
Most likely to become a journalist:me!! thats my job
Most likely to become a lawyer:ciera
Most likely to become a president:me / cris
Most likely to become assassinated:me / cris..first black women pres and vice pres.. :)
Most likely to die young:joe.. he be stayin out too late..
Most likely to flip burgers at the local Wendy's:oscar did for awhile..
Most likely to become a fat slob who still lives with his/her mother:aww thats mean..
Coke or Pepsi:pepsi
Cosmetic Surgery or a puppy:surgery =P
lipstick or eyeshadow:eyeshadow
cats or dogs:dogs
religion or athiestism:religion
movies at home or at the theatre:home..theres a bed
Loner or Social Butterfly:butterfly
Beauty or Ugliness:beauty
Greenday or Blink 182:blink
Shania Twain or the Dixie Chicks:shania
Nirvana or The Foo Fighters:..
Britany Spears or Christina Aguilara:xtina..mos def
Justin Timberlake or Lance Bass:i used to like lance.. :)
Bush or Kerry:kerry
Books or movies:both
Cute w/bad personality or Ugly w/good personality:ugly w/ good personality u can always make yaself look betta nowadays
Short, Tiny, Long, or Huge?
Skirts:..above my knees..not too short
Shorts:dont wear em
Shit:non stinky
Was this survey....?
fun to take:yea
a time passer:yes
Would you be interested in dating me? I'm male and from California!
Date me?:no...i love my luva sorri :(

Long, Descriptive Survey brought to you by BZOINK!

more later..

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