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echoingremorse (profile) wrote,
on 8-21-2004 at 2:01am
yeah so i went to work.. fun stuff (not really). lol... it seemed like everyone was in a good mood though atleast.. and i was out in box soo i didnt have to bother doign anythgin except getting tickets.. though that seemed to feel really hectic, becuase people kept using credit cards and causing the line to get really big. and then people instead of lining up on the sidewalk were lining up out into parking lot.. soo cars couldnt get in.. some people are dumb.. travis had to go out and be like "hey! everyoen move!. cant you see the three cars trying to get in.. move onto the sidewalk....".. lol.. it was funny around like 11:15.. like i had counted all the money and stuff and we were closed up for selling more tickets.. and a guy and a couple of is friends walk up and are like "hey, whats starting soon?".. and im like "everythign started atleast 30 mins ago....".. and he was like "do you guys have alien vrs predator?".. and im like "thats the other theater down the street".. and he was like "shit, why in the hell did i come here.. this theater fuckin SUCKS".. and for some reason i took offense to it and i was like "UMM.. NO, YOU SUCK" right into the microphone.. it was true though.. he was the idiot who went to the 100% wrong theater and was extremely late for any movies and was like being an ass about it.. jerk.. anyways..he didnt do anything. jsut walked off... i swear sometimes at work i get like a male's version of PMS. lol..

my mom told me as soon as i pic out the notebook i need we shoudl order it.. and i have.. its a Dell.. its sooo great.. im kinda mad that my car money is going to be takign a big blow.. but oh well.. its nto like im going to be buying a notebook every year right.. lol.. plus the next few paychecks from work are goign to be extra big (after this next one i should say, which is going to be puny)..

oh yeah.. and tommorrow im working 11:30 to 12... *cries*.. lol.. but that means money *leaps for joy*.. hehe.. and yeah.. thats not a half an hour shift.. its a 12 and a half hour one.. YAY for money...

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