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sameen (profile) wrote,
on 8-21-2004 at 11:01am
Everyone had moved on the livejournal. I feel guilty for not using this. But I like woohu. I think everyone has moved onto livejournal besides Kaila and Sam ?

Well after getting sort of a pattern for school, it feels a bit better. But I don't wanna focus on anything negative in this entry. School's great cuz I get to see all the familar faces... that part is awesome. I have friends in ALL my classes. And even if I don't, I have the ability 2 make new friends and not be resistant 2 change. It'll be ok. There r worse things than this. And I really do like some of the subjects. I like learning- just the test/quiz aspect of it. But u know, life is all about becomin a better person and broadening your horizons, and yeah.. we'll never be finished wit that, but why not strive. If no one's with me, then I guess it's me against the world.. and that ok :D
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