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emmyd (profile) wrote,
on 8-21-2004 at 1:26pm
Current mood: angry
Music: story of a girl...
Subject: i hate my parents...
last nite was fun lol me alix and ryan drove around for a lil bit...then we decided to go see katie lol i hadnt seen her in soo long lol i was very happy to see her...we like stood in her driveway forever lol then went to dunkin donuts and sat there and drank katies coffee haha..then we went to the boat ramp and dug pond.and my fagget dad called and said i had to go home and then he was being an asshole all nite and today he is too ahh its so fucking gay..

today my mom said that we were gunna go to Waltham to visit ppl but NOOO she has to be a fuckin bitch and say that she doesnt want to i have to sit here all fucking day and do nothing...cuz i cant go online, cuz my dad has the day fucking convienent! ahh tonite i better be able to go out with katie tonite..cuz i wanna, not sure wat we are gunna do...but yea lol i have to get out of here...

my mom said she wants to get me my own cell fone..but yea that prolly wont happen...she always says she'll do sumthin but it wont happen...ughh wtf

everything is getting me soo frustrated lately every little thing is pissing me off!

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