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lindseyethatsme (profile) wrote,
on 8-22-2004 at 1:13am
Current mood: tired
on friday night i left wilmington for charlotte to see my sister in her new suite in college.
my life wasnt as different as it is now.
here i am
still up
sitting at her new computer
in her new room
while she sleeps peacefully
and im tired
but i cant sleep at all
i guess because i know that this is my last night seeing her
for awhile
and things being the way they have been
for as long as i've known
i didnt ever think it would be like this
this upsetting to see your sibling go
when i was on my way up here...
it didnt really cross my mind abotu the fact that i was an only child now
but now...
being here
knowing after tonight shes not living with me anymore
knowing when i wake up i wont share the bathroom with her
and she wont pick me up from school
and everytime we eat dinner...
i'll set the table for three
it's just not
in some weird way.
so i cant sleep
and theres no one to talk to
and i dont think she'll have a clue
of how much im going to miss her

"i wonder what tomorrow has in mind for me
or am i even in its mind at all"

leben ist sehr shon
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