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blackcandynecklace (profile) wrote,
on 8-22-2004 at 2:05am
ogibendogi33: jorie, is jen mad at me?
battlestarre: ::shrugs::
battlestarre: where did this come from?
ogibendogi33: im not sure, but whenever i try to talk to her she never responds, and then the other night i was texting her and then she was like who is this cause she got a new phone and i said me (mike) and she stopped texting.
ogibendogi33: i dunno, maybe im just paranoid
battlestarre: i dont know...
ogibendogi33: anyways
battlestarre: mike.
battlestarre: can i ask you a question
ogibendogi33: did you get my card?
ogibendogi33: sry
ogibendogi33: yea sure
ogibendogi33: anything
battlestarre: yea i did thanks
battlestarre: you havent talked to her in so long.
ogibendogi33: yea i know and i want to
battlestarre: im just wondering how close you consider yourself to her?
battlestarre: like...i guess how dependent...i dont much do you need her?
ogibendogi33: wait do you not want me to be friends with her or something?
battlestarre: no thats not what im saying just answer the question
ogibendogi33: k

::long, long pause::

ogibendogi33: well i always thought that we were good friends until that one day at justins when she told me that she didn't feel like we had made that "good friend" connection. im not sure i have bad memory. and well i need her to talk to because i can talk to her easily about my feelings and there aren't many who i can talk to like that and i think its good for me to be able to talk like that and she told me that im a good listener but i don't think she needs to talk to me about that stuff much cause she has you
battlestarre: okie.
battlestarre: well...i dont know.
battlestarre: ill let her know that you need to talk to her
battlestarre: but i dont know that shes mad at you.
ogibendogi33: no you don't have to because if she wanted to she would have and i don't want her to be forced
battlestarre: its still her choice....i cant force her to do anything.
ogibendogi33: i understand that
ogibendogi33: it is her choice and if she wants to she can choose to talk to me or not
battlestarre: ill let her know and she can make her own decision.
ogibendogi33: k
ogibendogi33: thats better then
ogibendogi33: thanks alot jorie
battlestarre: i gotta go sleep
battlestarre: g'night
battlestarre: you're welcome
ogibendogi33: k
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