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hiei (profile) wrote,
on 8-22-2004 at 11:19pm
Current mood: busy
Music: Same.
Subject: One more year.
Classes have hit me hard, I knew they were coming I just didn't bother getting prepared.. So far I have half a book to read that I was suppose to but didn't. I got back from Hokkaido two days ago, the kids were on a pretty tight leash so it wasn't bad. I got to eat some good food and I saw some Americans. Hm.. My teacher got a tan, I washed my clothes, and I got fired from that second job because I never went. Ha. I have to go back on part time for the comic book store because of classes, and... There's only one more year of classes and I'm off to college! Oh yea, on our way back from Hokkaido when we stopped at this one train station, we got to see blood all over this one part because someone commited suicide. Or atleast that's what we guessed.. Anywho, I got this sorta new Dragon Quest game, and in my spare time I been playing that, eating, sleeping, and watching a little T.V. Right now I'm going to bed, and.. If you want to talk to me on aim I'm usually on at night (my time) for like 15 minutes. That's it. END.
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