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echoingremorse (profile) wrote,
on 8-22-2004 at 5:42pm
yesterday wasnt very fun.. im not over exaggeratting but i got this migrane at work about half way trhough the 12 hour shift.. and by the time i shut up the doors i felt like i was goign to puke.... ut atleast it wasnt as bad when Leah showed up.. i was just getting some guy popcorn and then in the corner of my eye i saw someone secretly glancing at me from the line for tickets outside through the glass.. lol.. it was her.. i waved and smiled.. and of coarse i had instant butterflies and got all nervous.. she was with her sis and mom.. i could tell since her sister looked EXACTLY like her except alittle taller and slightly darker hair. and they got their tickets and came in and got in line for food at the other register (not mine). and the whole time Leah was whispering stuff to me and i was suppossed to rad what she was saying.. but of course i was helping a customer while she was doign it and so i messed up liek five times.. shes so cute :)... before yesterday i didnt realize that i acutally do miss her.. *sigh*..

and today i ordered my laptop!. soo excited.. like. i cant wait until it comes. lol.. its a dell and it came with a free printer and wireless card.. its faster then this computer.. thats for sure.. lol
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