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kailster (profile) wrote,
on 8-22-2004 at 11:53pm
Current mood: tired/thoughtful/confused...
Music: none
so i haven't seen chris in 4 days...well it felt like 40 tonight. I got home and he just right away asked me to do something...i figured he would want to stay home cuz he had been up all weekend havin fun with his friends but...nope he wanted to come over and i was so happy and excited! i kissed him while he was sitting in my room on my computer chair....and it felt like a first stomach tightened up and my heart was pounding...i was in heaven...and i didn't want the moment to end. we headed to wal-mart looked around then came back to my house we were flirty like we always are...but haven't been in the past few it was kind of surprising...which is bad...cuz he IS my boyfriend...but anyways. so we came back to my house and laid on the couch and watched aladdin! we were cuddling and gettin close and then he kissed me again...but this wasn't like a first kiss this was like "i'm going to turn kailey on" kind of kiss...and boy did it work! so things went how things went and...i don't know...i'm happy and feel great but im so confused! Just last week he was talking about MAYBE taking a break and not being so physical and trying to get our "friendship" back into place (which i never thought we lost from the beginning) and now he couldn't keep his hands off of me and he wants me to come to dinner tomorrow and called me AS SOON as he got home and wanted to see me and everything else!!! I mean this is great and wonderful and i feel things are going a lot better but after being like this tonight i don't know! i don't know i don't know...he seemed fine after it all happened (and no we didn't have sex) but i said this stupid comment like wow i was horny...i haven't had any in a while....blah blah...good job kailey! make it seem like you just wanted to get some from him!! ahhh i'm so stupid! now....i don't think chris took it that way...but who knows...i may be wrong...i hope not, cuz that's not what i yeah....i'm gonna talk to him tomorrow. cuz i really wanna know what he thinks. i'm going to talk and communicate and tell him how i FEEL!! cuz that's what friends do...and he's my best friend :-) plus i love him to death! i missed him a lot this weekend.

well i'm gonna type my mom's paper up for her then head to bed....if i can even type it up...i might have to wake up and do it...i'm so tired...but i'm gonna start that...

nighty night
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