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playachika (profile) wrote,
on 8-23-2004 at 4:08pm
Current mood: excited
Music: letters from home
finally when to school today. it was nice. We got lockers and stuff. today was much of a... goof off day... nothing really exciting happened... we start driving in drivers ed soon. michael and i are on speaking terms! Greg and i havn't really talked as much as we used to... i hope that doesn't mean what i think it means.. i dont think ill collaborate on that one!
I got my first hickey too! i will not dicuss when and where but that's all you need to kno :] i was very excited. lol never had one of those before.
britt and i got matching skirts at hollister and omg its so cute. its pink, kinda short, and shiny! i wore it to school today but i also wore it on friday night when i almost got killed.
yeah i actually rode in a car with strangers. AHH! it was quite scary... Adam gave me his knife just incase. oh yeah! thats right! Adam form 8th grade, i finally saw him fridya night! i thought he had to go back to canada where he came from but i guess i was wrong! haha...
i had to write a 600 word essay.. boy that was harsh.. it was how europe is a united entity.. yeah thats german to me to!
im driving! ima good driver. Audrey still takes me to school everyday. its so good. im so excited kinda to be back in school. im making more friends.. and everything just seems to be going good... tomorro is the hard day.. i got... geometry, chemistry but the teach is cool, english that class is so boring, and AP euro and thats jsut plain old hard. hw every night in that class! Agh! i want to see greg right now. hes made me happy alot lately and i just feel liek seeing him.. i just want to go cruise with him in his car and i dont kno.. just be there..
well i think im done blabbering on.

Ps. I got to actually push Ashiee in her wheelchair! haha! she can bend both knees and kinda walk! she can stand! YAY!
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