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cait0880 (profile) wrote,
on 8-23-2004 at 10:12pm
Subject: its ending and its sad
I write one of these "oh no the summer is ending" type of things ever year. Last year it was all about how, the summer went so nice and we had so much fun but this year its a little diffrent
now not that this wasnt a fun filled summer i mean i went on an amazing vacatiion and got a about 1,000 dollors from working. I had an awesome time with erin at the shore and i am looking foward to more things this week.
But the thing is its all ending too soon and im not ready to go back to school with alll my friends moving on to better things. I dont think any of them even know how much im going to miss seeing them every day... its so upseting ... i love my friends.
senior year better fucking go nice and fast or else i will be so anoyed all the time.
I cant wait till its over and i wont ever have to see those people i have wanted to slap every day for the past 4 years

I hate high school
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