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spoiled-kisses (profile) wrote,
on 8-24-2004 at 3:08pm
Current mood: energetic
Music: ..0nlyy 0ne -->> yeLL0wcaRdD..
Subject: . y0u are my 0nlyy 0ne .
me nd miKe's 2 m0nthsz was satuRdayy .. it was g00dD. we g0t a m0vie nd juss hung 0ut nd spent l0tsz 0f tiime wit each 0ther. went upp t0 hiLLsb0r0 miLe nd spent sum tiime at the beach then went t0 spRingsz nd came back d0wn nd st0ppedD at the gun range. l0l, he's lyke addictedD t0 gunnsz. we hung 0ut all weekendD. even th0 s0metiimesz we dun relle d0 nethiing but juss hang 0ut hiis h0use, we have s0o much funn. i've never felt s0o c0mf0rtable wit a guyy that i lyke. i feel lyke he's everyythiing f0r me. i cant believe that even f0r a sec0ndD, i wantedD t0 sayy n0 wen he askedD me 0ut. i dunn0 wut made me change my mindD but thank g0d i didD. l0l, yea, all my entriiesz are b0ut hiim .. i kn0w. but he's ALWAYYSZ 0n my miindD. sch00l aiint asz badD asz i th0ught it was guna be. it's all g00dD. newh0, shyt isz the same. n0 drama wit n0 0ne at the m0ment. yAy. 0hh yeaa, nd i hung 0ut wit atHena f0r a lil 0n fRidayy. she isz the shyt. haha <33. that's b0ut it. can't wait till fRidayy .. better c0me upp quick. i'm 0nj my REGG .. uGhh. LATER H0ESZ.

there's juss n0 0ne that gets me lyke y0u d0
<3 y0u are my 0nly, my 0nly 0ne <3

x'sz ndD 0'sz t0 all my best gurlsz .. eRin.jAx.jeNny.liTa.kaTie.chRistie. <33

<33 SiSi
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